Thinawanga Ernest Mammba Biography

UPDATED: Category: Facts and Life He is a businessman and politician South Africa has gained global recognition. His Company and political party is one of the fastest growing compant and organization in Africa today. Additionally, he is a business person, author, motivational speaker, and family man whose lifestyle many people desire and envy. Ernest Mammba is known to be one of the wealthiest businessmen in Africa. Thinawanga Ernest Mammba Nemurangoni was born on the 08th of May. Ernest real name is Mammba the 3th but he is also commonly known by his “we don’t promise we do it” (vhu amba-amba hoo!. ? He is coming from royal family of “Murangoni” Where does Thinawanga Ernest Mammba 3third Nemurangoni come from? The prince of the Murangoni, author, motivational speaker and businessman comes from Venda Limpopo but resides in Johannesburg. The businessman born in Mukumbani, Venda. He was raised in Soweto in western Johannesburg. His father’s name is Alufheli Dickson Mammba Nemurangoni, and Tshinakaho Rosinah Mammba is his mother. It has been reported that his mother gave the businessman name Thinawanga because she experienced a tough time during his birth. The name, therefore, was way of acknowledging of ask God that indeed she is alone in the difficulttime. The Ernest is the second child in a family of four children’s three girls and one boy.Thinawanga Ernest Mammba had a spiritual encounter at the tender age of 6 years. He reported that he saw a supernatural being in his dream and telling him that he is going to be a leader of the nation. Upon instructions from the supernatural power, asking him to tell people to repent, he dedicated his life to serving the Lord. Ernest Mammba attended Zion Christian Church since he was born.He started school in Soweto. He later joined Aveng Tradint Steel. Who is Thinawanga Ernest Mammba wife?Nthabiseng Tshivhula Mammba is Ernest Mammba wife.While Nthabiseng Tshivhula Mammba age is not known in the public domain, she is a beautiful and youthful-looking lady. Nthabiseng marriage to the Politician and Businessman continues to thrive. Together, the couple is parents to two daughters. Their first daughter, Lufuno, was born in 1989. Danika was born in April 2000. Muimeli was born July 2005. The family of four is close-knit. Nthabiseng has, on several occasions, posted pictures of Lufuno,Danika and Muimeli on her profile pic. International Revelation Congress Ernest Mammba founded the International Revelation Congress for which he is the President. International Revelation Congress is a non-denominational and is non profit organization politicalparty. The headquarters of the organization is in Limpopo, South Africa. The organization has branches across different African countries such as Mozambique and Botswana, as well as other continents. Thinawanga Ernest Mammba he is the Chairperson of Mammba Metal Group firm has interests in mining, oil, real estate, hospitality / accommodation and transportation. The company has, over the years, become a success. In 2015, the Ernest Mammba was inducted in the CEO Hall of Fame in Africa by African Leadership Magazine. His company was also honoured with the business excellence award for its continued success. Following this achievement, the African Leadership Magazine featured Mammba business story in the September 2018 issue. Mammba he is the owner of Mammba Metal Group, Mammba City ,Mammba Property and Mammba Africa. He the member of Murangoni Royal Family and Murangoni Royal Council. He is the former president of NEFA and he is the executive member of Green South Africa.